1. That moment when your favorite person on Tumblr follows you. D:
    Then you have to try to explain to people around you why you’re so excited about it.
    "They have a pretty horse, and they’re awesome, and I want the horse, and I’ve been following them for over a year and it’s just AWESOME."

  2. Orion’s annual Halloween photos. :3
    Most patient horse ever.


  3. Orion is up for lease(sort of). Advertising him sooner than I will be leasing him, as I’m getting him back into shape the rest of the month.

  4. Airplane ears that I can drive around. :3

  5. My loverboy.

    So close to getting him back in shape enough to start leasing him. As his board is getting dangerously close to my rent price with his constant garbage disposal habits.

  6. Crazy TB’s. :)

  7. Our first sweaty saddle patch in a long time. Partly because he’s so out of shape, he starts sweating when he sees the saddle. :)

    And he LOVES his new Orchard in his Freedom Feeder.
    My wallet does not.

  8. I made a Gatorade-run to Walmart before the stable since I knew I was out. I let Orion take his time in choosing which he wanted. He chose fruit punch. He demolished it within seconds.

    I begin grooming him and stop to get a drink. As I open it, he turns and gives me this look, demanding to know what I was doing with his Gatorade.

    He got the rest of it.

  9. Guess what little pony is back to work now.

    Hadn’t been ridden since the first week of July, turned out twice a week since then, lunged once a week. Got on him expecting crazies, and instead we ambled around the new property like an old boy.

    I love this boy too much to sell him. But I am debating leasing him as soon as his muscle tone gets back up.

    If I can find someone who treats him like the majestic bugger he is.

  10. We went over scary object training today. Apparently I am the only one who thought they should be scary. He thought they needed tasting.

  11. After our grooming, we decided to start over.
    There was no “we”.

  12. *the look*

    This is the face that gets the “DON’T look at me like that!”
    Sullen and spoiled, insulted he gets no treats. “Wha-at?”

  13. I am thinking of stuffing his Freedom Feeder with money. It would be straight to the point, no?

    Orion loves this time of gaining weight and being prettified.

  14. Orion’s new best friend is his Freedom Feeder.

  15. 940lbs. This new place has amazing quality hay and he is gaining weight! Going to possibly switch him over next month to a free feeding orchard/bermuda program so he can be a fat pony and munch all day. He gets turned out two times a week by the barn, and I’ve started lunging him again, vacation OVER!